A Few Words

About Us

Word of mouth is often said to be the best way to find out about a good restaurant, but that also means that you can’t try a new place until someone else you know has first. So either you wait, perhaps missing an opportunity to try something special, or you venture in, risking a bad experience and an unsatisfying charge on your credit card.

That’s where restaurant reviews like ours can help you make an informed choice before you get the keys to the car. Maybe some of the ingredients the restaurant is going to use grow on trees, but the money they want you to pay to try them certainly doesn’t.

What do we tell you?

We try these establishments, and look into their value, cleanliness, efficiency and price, along with their ability to serve the dishes promised on the menu. We taste so you don’t waste your money.

  • Price Point: No restaurant is too expensive if the meal is worth the price you paid. In our reviews, we will try to help you choose a meal that fits your budget and your palate, and if you do go for the 5 star cuisines, we will let you know ahead of time if the place can do it.
  • Restaurant Quality: Elements like cleanliness, service, and overall food quality are universal, and we will let you know how the place you are considering stacks up.
  • Food: This is the most subjective of the evaluations, as each person’s taste is unique. What is a tragedy for one palate is sublime to someone else. We take into consideration not only the experience of the reviewer, but observations of other clients and their reactions to the food. That way, you get a more rounded and complete review, with less weight given to personal preference.
  • Atmosphere, ambiance and décor: Only so much of the restaurant experience actually occurs on the plate. Your surroundings are as much a part of the dining experience as the spices used or the cut of the meat. We try to present an objective description of the surroundings, knowing that what may be a turn off for one party might be the selling point for another.
  • Highs and Lows: While we would not shirk from panning a truly horrific eatery, it is not our goal to find fault with the places that we review. Rather, our mission is to evaluate the strengths (and weaknesses) of each establishment so that the readers can select one which matches their tastes and preferences. We recognize that different people, on any given day, will have very different pictures in their mind of the perfect meal.

Keeping you in the Loop on Food:

Our job is to be your eyes, ears and palate, to try out the new places to see what they have to offer, and revisit the old to make sure that they live up to their reputations. All so you can avoid a bad restaurant experience.